This site consists of a compilation of studys, observations, and suggestions by Leif Zars relating to the swimming pool industry.

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"The objective is to avoid 1)Suction disembowelment, 2)Suction entrapment, and 3)Underwater hair entanglement.  The procedure I have is regarding the first two -   although it could have a significant impact on the third."
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"What used to be referred to as a "minimum" standard is no longer acceptable. The very word "minimum" connotes a degree of inadequacy, a failure to properly protect.  As an industry we should perhaps provide "Recommended Standards" that are well within the boundaries of generous protection for the consumer."
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"Tests were made utilizing one or two 500 watt swimming pool lights submerged 30" underwater in two distinctly different pools - one with normal white plaster and the other with a "dark" green plaster."
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