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2" Vacuum Eliminators


This device is a pre-assembled unit for installation in a swimming pool main drain suction line to prevent dangerous suction pressures being transmitted into the main drain sump.

Each unit is individually manufactured and serial numbered and marked as to the maximum gallonage flow it is designed for.

In basic theory this unit operates as a simple holding tank for gravity flow from the main drain. From this theoretical holding tank the pump takes its suction. There can be absolutely no transmission of pump suction from the pump through the holding tank to the main drain sump.

If you will liken its action to that shown in the following sketch a better understanding of its operation can be had. As you can see in the sketch, there is absolutely no way for the

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pump suction to be transmitted to the pool main drain. The main drain merely flows by gravity into the sump where the pump picks it up. That is exactly how the Vacuum Eliminator works. Absolutely no direct connection between the two.

The unit is designed to allow normal flows through the main drain line by gravity to reach the allowable How rates generally specified for swimming pool suction piping.

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2" Vacuum Eliminator Parts

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